Kara Del Toro Nearly Spills Out Of Her Satin Top In Glamorous Update

Model Kara Del Toro shared a stunning look with her 1.5 million Instagram followers on Friday afternoon. In the photos, she posed near an elegant outdoor fountain and flaunted her voluptuous assets. Within the first hour that the pair of images had been uploaded, they received hundreds of comments and just shy of 9,000 likes.

Kara was dressed in a stylish outfit that hugged her curves and gave off a chill, end-of-summer vibe. Both her pants and top were white, which — if she were to ascribe to potentially outdated fashion rules — is completely appropriate for another few days until Labor Day on Monday signifies the end of that trend for the year.

Her top was made from a shimmery, slick-looking fabric that appeared to be satin. It was cropped at her midriff and featured wide straps tied in bows at the top of both shoulders, with the long ties grazing her upper arms. Her breasts swelled beneath the tailored garment, and the neckline dipped into a dramatic "V" in the center as she displayed a tantalizing amount of cleavage.

Kara also wore a high-waisted pair of pants. They fit snugly around her slender waist and shapely hips then transitioned into wide legs with frayed hems, which ended a few inches above her ankles.

A few splashes of color found their way into the ensemble in the form of a pink satin purse slung over her left shoulder, and blue slides with low square heels. The shoes appeared to be made of a plastic material and had the brand name "Gucci" printed across the tops.

She accessorized with a few tiny pendants on delicate, individual chains around her neck, two pairs of gold hoop earrings, and Gucci sunglasses with amber-colored lenses.

Kara posed while sitting on the edge of a rectangular fountain constructed from light tan stone. She crossed her left leg in front of her and let her right toes rest on the brick patio below.

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model's recent update was highly praised by her Instagram followers. Most of Kara's fans elected to express themselves in the form of affectionate emoji -- the most frequently seen were the flame and various heart symbols. Some decided to put their feelings into words.

"Gucci mami," observed one fan.

"What a fox," declared a second person.

In a recent report by The Inquisitr, Kara dazzled her fans with her ever-changing appearance during a trendy transformation clip on Instagram a few weeks ago. The buxom brunette showed off a series of both athletic and evening looks, finally ending in a tiny bikini that left little to the imagination.