Katy Perry Posts Sweet Behind-The-Scenes Video From 'Smile' Album Cover Shoot

Fans went wild for Katy Perry's most recent Instagram post. The singer gave a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the cover for her latest album, Smile.

In the video, Katy was dressed in the blue-and-white checkerboard clown outfit she sported on the cover, with a giant, round red nose. Katy danced around playfully as her "Teary Eyes" song played in the background. Her hair was bright blond and pulled up in a cute up-do as curls delicately fell around her face. The video also had a grainy, vintage-looking filter over it, which sufficiently furthered the "behind-the-scenes" aesthetic.

In the second part of the clip, Katy cut to another look that was part of the shoot, as she sat cool and casually on a colorful couch and posed for photographs. The pop star continued with the "sad clown" vibes of the project in a long-sleeved, nude-colored dress, dotted with bright, primary colors. The sheath featured an oversized red tie and white collar, per the clown look. Her long, golden-blond locks where teased around her shoulders as she clowned around with a white, fluffy pie in her right hand, seemingly ready for the circus.

In the caption, the "Firework" songstress said she wanted a photo shoot that "encapsulated the journey to pure joy" and thanked the photographer, Christine Hahn, for her vision.

After sharing with her 106 million followers, the post quickly gained numerous likes and views, with over 300,000 people watching the video and over 1,700 fans commenting their take on the share. Many of the followers punctuated their comments with fire and heart-eyed emoji to send their love for Katy's share. Meanwhile, others wrote out their specific appreciation, saying how much they welcomed the pop star's message.

"This is so cute," one admirer wrote, also leaving a red heart emoji.

"Such a queen," a follower commented, providing a crown emoji to signal their admiration.

"Reminder: Life is only as fun and enjoyable as you make it out to be. Stay positive and live with a purpose," another user wrote, seemingly inspired by Katy's post of positivity.

"[T]hank you for bringing my smile back," a fan said, also sweetly sharing their affection for Katy's message.

In addition to sharing the love for Katy's Instagram posts, fans also reacted positively to her album, giving a slew of emphatic reviews all over social media, The Inquisitr previously reported. The LP also performed well on the Billboard charts, reaching the top 3 in the U.K. and the U.S. within hours. The project was originally set to come out at the beginning of August but was pushed back due to inevitable "production delays."