Bryan Craig Says He's 'Ready To Work' & Teases An Interest In Returning To 'General Hospital'

Actor Bryan Craig took to Twitter on Friday morning to hint that he might be open to returning to General Hospital. This is not the first time that he has signaled an interest in taking on the role of Morgan Corinthos again. In this case, however, he seems to be quite direct in his willingness to return to daytime in some sense.

Bryan's tweet noted that he was ready to be working somewhere, and he added that he was essentially a free agent. He tagged not only General Hospital but the other three soap operas as well.

The actor's talents could certainly be a great acquisition for The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, or Days of Our Lives. It's not uncommon for actors to jump from one soap to another, and his tweet signaled he's keeping all of his options open.

However, many of his General Hospital fans were quick to pounce on this and rally for a return as Morgan. The writers left the door open for this possibility back when Craig first departed, and many viewers have anticipated that it would happen at some point. Could this be the right opportunity to pursue this type of twist?

"The show needs Morgan! Great character and actor! Juicy story too for the C family. Where has Morgan been? Please give us a story we want!" one General Hospital fan noted on Twitter.

Bryan Craig attends an event for ABC
ABC | Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Morgan supposedly died in a car explosion back in 2016. However, his remains were never found, and he has been mentioned often since his apparent death.

General Hospital fans have always figured that he'd pop back up again at some point, much like both Nikolas Cassadine and Jason Morgan did after their actors first departed.

Within minutes, a number of General Hospital viewers had replied with storyline suggestions.

"It's about time Morgan comes home. Shake up the Willow, Michael, Sasha, Chase situation," someone offered up.

"Time for Morgan to come home and be with AVA!!! And drive Carly crazy lol," another fan suggested.

"He's been gone long enough to not remember Nelle...right. Nelle should have amnesia and in the same hospital as Morgan. They hook up, he brings her home and the family DOUBLE FREAKS!! DO IT," teased another creative General Hospital viewer.

The show did bring Craig back for one episode a while ago when he appeared as a ghostly vision to Ava Jerome. That should be easy to work around, though, if he were to be brought back as a still-alive Morgan.