Gia Macool Looks Smoking Hot In A White Crop Top & Unbuttoned Daisy Dukes

Gia Macool poses for a selfie.
Gia Macool / Instagram

Buxom brunette Gia Macool returned to her Instagram account Friday morning to share another stunning pic with her loyal fans. The model put her hourglass figure on display while revealing in the caption of the post that bullies are everywhere. She also offered her followers advice on how to deal with negative comments online.

In the sexy shot, Gia looked smoking hot in a white crop top. The shirt boasted long sleeves and a plunging neckline that exposed her abundant cleavage.

She teamed the top with a pair of teeny Daisy Dukes, which she left unbuttoned for the pic. The denim shorts fit snugly around her petite waist and curvy hips while giving fans a peek at her lean thighs. Her flat tummy and impressive abs were spotlighted in the snap as well.

Gia posed with her back against a wooden fence. She rested both of her elbows on the fence and arched her back as she tilted her chin up and looked away from the camera. She pressed her legs together and pushed her booty out slightly as the sun streamed down on her skin. In the background, some green foliage and a brown horse could be seen.

The model has accumulated more than 1.9 million followers on the social media platform, and her fans wasted no time showing their love for her latest post by clicking the like button more than 2,300 times in less than an hour after it was shared to her feed. Her admirers also rushed to the comments section to leave nearly 100 messages during that time.

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Have you ever been bullied or told you are NOT enough? I posted this question in my story last night to hear your experiences. _ If you’re on social media then you’re probably not a stranger to perfect strangers spewing toxicity from behind a keyboard???? _ Bullies are everywhere… _ You’re too fat You’re too skinny You’re too tall You’re too short You’re not enough You’re stupid And the list goes on and on… _ I’ve seen it take its toll on genuine caring people. Some have even allowed it to stop them from doing what they truly love out of fear of having to deal with this type of behavior. _ So what do YOU DO to avoid this from happening? _ Truth is YOU CAN’T unless you do nothing, be nothing and achieve nothing. That is what had happened to these bullies. They’ve given up on their goals. Don’t allow that to happen to you! _ I have found the best way to shut it down is to NOT REACT! These type of people are not happy deep inside, and they crave a reaction more than anything in the world as they desperately need validation. When you don’t react to them…they move on to someone else who will react and give them what they crave. _ The next time you see or hear this kind of toxicity. Remember this! Misery loves company. So unless you wanna be miserable DON’T ENGAGE! _ Focus on the good in this world! There are millions of good people; ones that are cheering you on and celebrating in your successes. Those are the ones who deserve your attention❤️ By @cwphoto_

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“The internet really is just a tool for so many people to spew venom. The anonymity big factor in this. Keyboard warriors are everywhere,” one follower declared.

“Good for you! I just block and delete…… and they’re gone poof! Lol,” another wrote.

“My ultimate source of motivation whose posts reminded me to keep more work hard,” a third comment read.

“The Queen of the world,” a fourth social media user gushed.

The model doesn’t appear to be shy when it comes to showing some skin in her online snaps. She’s become known for rocking racy bathing suits, tight tops, and skimpy workout gear in her pics.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gia recently dropped the jaws of her followers when she opted for a barely-there black bikini with a mesh skirt tied around her waist. That post was also popular among her supporters. To date, it’s racked up more than 37,000 likes and 740 comments.