Linn Lowes Gives Instagram Followers An Eyeful Of Sculpted Booty In Intense Glutes Workout

Fitness model Linn Lowes posted a new workout video set to popular social media platform Instagram on Thursday, September 3. In the clips, she demonstrated a killer glutes-training routine for her 2.6 million followers.

For the workout, Linn wore a white sports bra featuring textured details. The top left plenty of skin along her upper body on display, including her shoulders, arms, and upper back. She paired the bra with gray leggings that had a thick waistband and extended to her ankles. The spandex material clung to the model's sculpted lower half, emphasizing her shapely backside and curvy legs.

To complete the outfit, Linn wore a pair of white sneakers. She styled her long, blond tresses in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face during the training session.

The glutes routine took place in a gym setting where Linn made use of a variety of equipment, including weight machines and a pink exercise mat. The fitness trainer demonstrated a total of six moves for her followers to give a try on their own.

Before jumping into the exercises, Linn posed with her back to the camera to show off her gym-honed glutes. She placed her hands on her booty and flashed a smile over her shoulder while popping a hip out to the side.

The routine began with a set of kickbacks with a pause at the top using a specialized weight machine. The second clip demonstrated the hacksquat. Also using a specialized machine, Linn placed a padded bar over both shoulders and then proceeded to carry out a series of squats.

In the third video, Linn showed her followers how to do the glute march to glute bridge. She positioned herself on her back on the mat, with her knees bent and hips raised off the floor. She then lifted one leg at a time toward the ceiling with her knee still bent. The fourth exercise was the side abduction, also carried out from the floor.

The fifth move was stiff T-bar lifts, using a weighted bar that she pulled up through her legs as she bent over and stood back up. The final slide featured the DB side lunge, completed with the use of a single dumbbell.

In the caption of the post, Linn wrote out the number of sets and reps trainees should do for each move. She added that since the glutes muscles are some of the biggest in the body, they need extra attention.