WWE News: ‘SmackDown’ Star Hints At Major Character Change In New Interview

A photo of the WWE logo.

In a recent radio interview, Friday Night SmackDown superstar The Miz seemed to hint at a more serious version of his villainous on-air character, one inspired by fellow blue brand star Roman Reigns and his recent heel turn.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, The Miz was interviewed by Hot 97’s The HipHopGamer on his show, where he touched on several subjects, including his present status on the SmackDown card. While suggesting that he wants to be involved in the battle for the Universal Championship currently held by Reigns, Miz described “The Big Dog” as the “poster child” for WWE, similar to John Cena and Hulk Hogan in previous generations.

Given that Reigns is the “most dangerous” superstar in the entire company, The Miz expressed that he needs to heed the advice he gave New Day member Big E on a recent episode of Talking Smack and reinvent his on-air persona if he wants to become Universal Champion in the future.

“I need to stop being so entertaining and stop worrying about making people laugh and start getting serious on where I want to go with WWE and my career. I’m looking at Roman Reigns and I”m seeing that and I’m going alright, WrestleMania is in my backyard in L.A. this coming year. I need to step up my game and I need to step up more than I ever stepped it up before especially with Paul Heyman in his pocket.”

The Miz stands in the ring during an installment of his Miz TV segment.

Aside from hinting at the possibility of some intense promo battles with Heyman, Miz touched on how he and the current Universal Champion could have great matches if he shifts to a similarly no-nonsense persona. He added that Reigns’ character should be what other wrestlers aim for because he is at his peak as a performer. Furthermore, Miz noted that beating Reigns at such a point in his career could be a game-changing moment for any WWE superstar who does so.

At the moment, The Miz is one-half of a tag team with his fellow in-ring veteran John Morrison, though as Daily DDT opined last week, both men have been turned into “embarrassing comedy characters” who make “juvenile” comments about other performers and their storylines. However, the outlet also pointed out that Miz has been doing a good job as the co-host of Talking Smack, adding that WWE should continue allowing the 39-year-old to help other wrestlers get over in one way or another, as opposed to having him and Morrison keep participating in divisive segments.