Kristina Schulman Sizzles In A Tiny Polka Dot Bikini At Manhattan Beach

Mizuki Hisaka

Kristina Schulman kept the summery vibes alive on her Instagram feed with her newest share from yesterday. She rocked a tiny "polka dot" bikini and struck a few poses at Manhattan Beach in California.

In the first picture, Kristina struck the Bambi pose with her knees apart. She placed her hands on the top of her legs and smiled widely for the camera.

Her tiny bikini was light taupe with black spots throughout, and her top had a structured underwire and left her cleavage on show. Her matching bottoms had a low-waisted fit with thick straps.

Kristina wore her hair down and brushed behind her shoulders, and she placed her sunglasses on the top of her head. She also accessorized with a short necklace and her white manicure popped against her tanned figure. Moreover, her sparkling stud earrings added chic glam to her look.

She sat on light sand and there were a couple of colorful towels beside her. In the backdrop was a deserted stretch of beach with views of some oceanfront homes.

The picture was taken on a sunny day with hazy white clouds in the sky.

In the second shot, Kristina was photographed from further away as she sat back, with her legs in front of her. She wore her sunglasses and flashed another wide smile.

And in the final image, she stood up with her hands extended out to the sides. The side of her bare booty was visible along with her toned abs and slender legs.

"Beautiful! Loving the bathing suit," gushed a supporter.

"Can't wait to move to la at the end of the month so we can playyyy," wrote an apparent acquaintance.

"Wish I ran into you in Manhattan," wrote a third devotee.

"How are you still single?" wondered a fourth social media user.

And in an update from August 8, Kristina put her toned bod on show in another hot ensemble. That time, she rocked a muted orange bikini and struck a pose outside in front of a white wall and a wooden door. She propped up her left knee and placed her hand on her neck as she gazed at the camera with a coy smile. She wore her hair down in a deep side part and her locks glowed in the sunlight.