WWE News: ‘The Bachelor’ Star Demi Burnett Shares Details On Her Future Wrestling Ambitions

The Bachelor's Demi Burnett locks arms with WWE's Ivar

Demi Burnett has appeared on some recent episodes of Monday Night Raw, and it could be leading toward The Bachelor star having a long-term role in WWE.

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Burnett was asked if she’d like to step into the ring at some point. According to the reality television star, she’s always longed to be a superstar in the company.

“Of course! I would love to be a WWE superstar. I’d definitely have to go through some training because I’m pretty weak right now. I’m starting to try working out a little bit, just in case anyone wants to offer me a position. But yeah, it was always my dream to be a WWE superstar. It’s more intense though in real-life than it looks on TV. Whenever you watch it in real-life, you’re like, ‘Wow, these people are putting their bodies THROUGH it.’ I think I could do it though.”

Burnett also revealed that it was strange to receive the call from the company during quarantine. She discussed how working with the sports entertainment promotion was a lifelong dream of hers, but her first opportunity to take part seemed “random.”

The Bachelor star’s audition involved her performing skits using a water bottle as a microphone. Her performance pleased officials, and she was subsequently given a segment with Angel Garza. Since then, she’s been involved in a love triangle storyline featuring Garza and Ivar of the Viking Raiders.

During the interview, Burnett also revealed that she’s been treated warmly backstage. She cited Ricochet, Natalya, Lana and Nia Jax among the performers she’s befriended so far, and she’s had a lot of fun working with the Viking Raiders and Street Profits.

Demi Burnett flirts with Angel Garza

On the latest edition of the red brand’s weekly show, Burnett was involved in an angle where Garza left her to fend for herself against Retribution. The heel ran away after the pair of them encountered the anarchistic faction.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Burnett’s involvement with the company reportedly has to do with a network promotional tie-in. The report also highlighted that she’s been open about her love of wrestling in the past.

Burnett isn’t the only celebrity guest to work with the promotion during the pandemic. Former NFL player Pat McAfee recently wrestled Adam Cole at an NXT event as well. The focus on non-wrestlers might be due to the promotion trying to contend with current low ratings.