Natalie Roush Strikes Nearly Nude, Provocative Pose In Most Recent Update

Shawna Cory

Instagram model Natalie Roush took to her social media account on Thursday afternoon with an image that thrilled her 958,000 followers. The stunning brunette displayed her assets in a seductive position. She was resting on her elbows halfway off a bed while pointing her booty in the air.

Natalie joked in the caption that she had accidentally dropped her pizza, but the elegant, neutral-colored setting showed no signs of marinara sauce anywhere.

She wore a barely there pink lingerie set that left very little to the imagination.

It featured a thong that from behind consisted of just three tiny spaghetti straps. Two rested across the most slender part of her waist and were joined at the small of her back by the last piece, which disappeared between the swell of her rounded cheeks.

The underwire bra was completely sheer and appeared to be made from a shimmering fabric.

Natalie posed belly-down with her thighs across the foot of a luxurious bed and her toes pointed in the air. A pillow was tossed on the ground in front of her and she rested both elbows and supported the weight of her suspended body.

The pose displayed the muscular definition between her shoulders, and she flexed her back into an impressive arch that was beautifully accentuated by the light streaming through the enormous windows in the backdrop.

"I'm lightheaded from holding my breath. Seriously, Natalie," gushed one fan, with an apparent flair for the dramatic.

"Nat... WOW! Left me speechless," raved a second person, who also felt a physical reaction from the photo.

"I think that's a pillow," joked a third follower, referring to her humorous caption about pizza.

"Wow, what a shot! Doesn't get much better than that. Your body is pure natural art and sculpture," declared a fourth fan.

Those who chose not to articulate their adoration left series of emoji. The most prolific were flame, heart, and drooling symbols with a few red roses and peaches sprinkled throughout.

Luckily for fans, Natalie regularly shows off her stunning physique and lots of skin. As recently covered by The Inquisitr, Natalie wore a bright orange thong bikini near the beach and posed facing the camera with her enticing behind.