'The Bachelorette' Contestant Dale Moss Returns To Instagram As Filming Reportedly Wraps For Season 16

Dale Moss is rumored to be a key contestant on Season 16 of The Bachelorette, and he's just returned to social media post-filming. He uploaded a photo on his Instagram page on Wednesday, his first in a while, and mentioned the need to catch up on things.

There have been a lot of juicy spoilers floating around regarding Dale's participation in Clare Crawley's journey. If the rumors are accurate, viewers will see some intense sparks of chemistry between the two from the moment they meet. Supposedly, the connection was so intense that they both were ready to get engaged just 12 days into filming.

Despite the fact that the rumored couple supposedly wrapped filming weeks ago, it's just this week that they've both returned to Instagram. According to a Twitter post from spoiler king Reality Steve, all of the contestants are now done with production and have their phones again.

The photo that Dale uploaded showed him simply looking at his phone while wearing a black fedora and a white tank top. In his caption, he quipped that the photo represented him trying to catch up on what he'd missed while on a break from social media.

The caption made no reference to having done The Bachelorette. Rather, Dale wrote about how it'd been a year of ups and downs and that everybody should focus on kindness and compassion. He added that God had a plan and people needed to trust it.

Dale's post was liked by nearly 9,000 of his followers and almost 200 people also commented. Many of the notes were from folks just welcoming him back, adding that they had missed him. What he said in his caption also seemed to resonate with a lot of his followers.

A few show-related notes did make their way into the comments section, though.

"Good luck with Clare," one person wrote.

"#engaged," teased someone else.

"Hello king bachelor nation fans look forward to getting to know you," another person shared.

"Can Bachelor Nation come to the wedding?" commented another fan who was clearly familiar with the spoilers and rumors that have been floating around about Dale.

As Reality Steve noted, all of the guys who had been involved in Season 16 are apparently back online again. Plenty of The Bachelorette spoilers about Dale and Clare may have already emerged, but there are several other juicy details that fans are eager to hear.

The new season debuts in mid-October, and viewers will be quite anxious to see exactly what happens with Dale as he embraces this wild adventure.