Coco Austin And Her Sister Rock Cheeky Swimsuits While Performing Amazing Acroyoga Stunt

Coco Austin, the wife of rapper Ice-T, pulled off a pretty incredible acroyoga move with the help of her sister. On Thursday, Coco took to Instagram to share a photo of their stunt and the sexy swim attire that they wore while performing it.

Coco, 41, flaunted her famous hourglass figure in a black one-piece from Bell Beachwear. The swimsuit featured a bold floral pattern with large pink blossoms and small green leaves. The garment hugged her curvy body in all the right places.

It had a plunging neckline that displayed a generous amount of her ample cleavage, and the back had a cheeky cut that showcased her voluptuous derriere. The piece's sexy and sophisticated vibe was further elevated by a tie underneath the bust.

The model's younger sister, Kristy, 40, wore a bathing suit with the exact same silhouette, but hers was white with a different multicolored floral print. Like her older sibling, she had the curves to fill out the skintight garment. Both women completed their looks with gold stiletto sandals with clear PVC straps. Their hair was styled in sleek topknots.

Coco's Instagram slideshow included four photos. In the first image, Kristy was lying on her back outside in the grass. Her legs were lifted off the ground, and she had her knees bent at a 90-degree angle. She raised her arms straight up over her chest, keeping them perfectly straight. Coco's knees rested on her hands. The model's hands were also positioned on her sibling's knees as she mirrored her pose in reverse.

Kristy turned her head toward the camera and smiled, making it look like the move was a piece of cake. Meanwhile, Coco arched her back and flashed her own smile at their photographer.

In the second image, the statuesque sisters stood side-by-side as they flaunted their fit figures, including their toned legs and strong arms. The third shot saw Coco posing with her backside to the camera as she gazed at her sister and touched her chin with her fingertips.

For their final pose, the two athletic women demonstrated their flexibility. They sat on an outdoor sofa, leaving a space between them. The siblings both lifted one leg up over the space to create an X shape. They grabbed each other's ankles to hold the pose.

It only took an hour for the fun family photos to rack up over 24,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

"Queens of yoga!!!" gushed one fan.

"You guys are awesome! I love the way you work together," said another admirer.

Coco isn't shy about showing off her amazing figure and her impressive flexibility on Instagram. In one racy picture, she displayed her curvaceous posterior as she did the splits in a barely there thong.