Britney Spears Pulls At Her Shorts To Reveal Hip Tattoo, Addresses Conspiracies In Bizarre Video

Britney gave an explanation after fans noticed an odd detail in her Instagram uploads.

Britney Spears performs onstage at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Britney gave an explanation after fans noticed an odd detail in her Instagram uploads.

Britney Spears was back on Instagram in a familiar outfit for an upload shared on Wednesday, September 2. In the bizarre clip, Britney pulled at her shorts as she struck a number of odd poses as she addressed recent speculation about her social media activity.

Wearing the same light blue crop top and white short shorts she’s been spotted in multiple times before, Britney repeatedly walked in front of the camera with only a plain white background behind her. She had her long, blond hair down and straight.

The “I’m A Slave 4 U” singer came in from either side and posed, pulled surprised faces, tilted her head from side to side, and danced erratically as she flashed a big smile. It was set to the sound of “La Isla Bonita” by Madonna.

For many of her poses, Britney had both thumbs in her belt loops and pulled at her bottoms to show off her lower hip tattoo of a kanji symbol inside a starburst. Her shorts sat low, showing off her flat and toned tummy.

The outfit was the exact same one fans called her out over last month. Some speculated that many of her recent uploads had been taken on the same day and shared conspiracy theories suggesting she may not be well.

Britney addressed the controversy with her 26.2 million followers in the caption.

She claimed she was repeatedly posting photos and videos from the same day because she “had a great hair day.” The mom of two also explained that she was a big fan of the tummy-baring top and confirmed that the footage and photos were all filmed last month.

The caption included a flurry of emoji, including roses, shrugs, and rolling eye faces.

The video has been viewed over 1.2 million times in 13 hours and received more than 113,000 likes. Many fans still expressed their concern for her well-being in the comments section.

“Isn’t it suspicious that she apologises for all these photos posted with the same clothes? It’s like she (or he) wants to make it seem normal, so that we don’t think that something is wrong,” one person said.

“Something is definitely up. This isn’t normal. Everyone can feel it.. as you can see in the comments. My heart goes out to you girl,” another said.

The comments fed into the ongoing #FreeBritney campaign started by fans, which Britney’s father Jamie Spears dismissed earlier this year. Per Page Six, he claimed it was started by “conspiracy theorists” who “don’t know anything.”