Britney Spears Insists She Isn't 'Posting The Same Pics' On Instagram

Treva Bowdoin

Britney Spears rocked a summer look that gave many fans a case of déjà vu in her latest Instagram post. A set of three images were uploaded to her account on Tuesday, and they were accompanied by a message for those who have expressed concern over some of the 38-year-old pop icon's recent posts.

The upload included three different versions of the same image. One of them was the original, and filters had been used on the other two. In the pic, Britney wore an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse. Her blond tresses were styled in a half-up ponytail. A few small pink roses were nestled in her hair to create a floral crown. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the singer shared a similar photo on August 3. Over the past few weeks, she has also posted a number of pictures that show her wearing the same cropped peasant top without the rose crown.

The reappearance of the same top and flowers hasn't gone unnoticed by fans. Many of Britney's followers are convinced that she doesn't have control over her Instagram account, and they've claimed that the large amount of similar photos on her feed is evidence of this. The caption of the "Toxic" hitmaker's most recent upload seemed to address these claims by suggesting that she is simply re-wearing the same top and styling her hair the same way.

"Speaking of detail... they are the same pics based off the mowing lines from cutting the grass," wrote one person in the comments section.

"Every detail is the same as the pictures posted before, even down to the plants!" another message read.

Others suggested that the caption read as if it were written by a male.

"As an author, and a woman—I have an eye when it comes to how women use their wording and men use their wording when portraying women. And THAT is a male author pretending to be female!!!!" read a remark that has been liked over 2,000 times.

"'You know us girls' literally sounds like something a dude in his 60s would say if he was trying to pretend to be a woman in her 30s just saying," another commenter wrote.

Many of the singer's supporters believe that her father, Jamie Lynn Spears, has control of her social media accounts. This is because he oversees the controversial conservatorship that fans fear is making Britney unhappy. There's been speculation that he is using her Instagram page and the repetitive pictures to convince critics that his daughter is doing fine, but he has denied that this is the case.

Some of Britney's supporters have said that they just want her to film a live video reassuring them that she's safe and happy.