Jessica Simpson Gets Real With Her Look-Alike Kids' Back-To-School Photo

Jessica Simpson shared a back-to-school photo of her kids, Maxi Drew and Ace Knute, as she joked about their final days of summer.

The 40-year-old singer and fashion designer posted a new pic to Instagram as she sent her two oldest children off to their elementary school to start third and second grade, respectively.

In the photo shared with the star's 5.5 million followers, Maxi, 8 — Jessica's oldest child with her husband Eric Johnson — posed outside with her arm around her 7-year-old brother as they showed off their back-to-school looks, which included two unexpected accessories.

Jessica's mini-me daughter wore a patterned, fringed sweater, denim shorts, and stylish Golden Goose sneakers, and she had her hair styled in a long braid. Ace rocked a blue tie-dye sweatshirt, shorts, and black sneakers. The second grader had his hair gelled up, and he carried a giant black backpack over his shoulders.

While the Johnson siblings looked picture-perfect from a distance, in the caption to the post, Jessica pointed out that her daughter had a "busted chin" and her son had a "busted lip." The singer joked that her clan finished out their summer vacation "strong" with their last-minute injuries.

In the comments section to the post, fans reacted to the too cute pic and the facial injuries, with one comparing the siblings to the classic Rock'Em Sock 'Em robot toy.

"They did summer right!" one fan joked.

"Haa! Beautiful kids scrapes and all!!" another added.

Other followers couldn't believe how much the two kids look like their famous mama in the new photo.

"Such adorable babies you have," one fan wrote."They both look like you in different ways. Happy school year gorgeous kids!"

"Ace is your clone," another wrote to Jessica, while others said both children are the Open Book author's "twins."

Some commenters wanted to know where the elementary schoolers' outfits were from, with some asking if Maxi's stylish sweater was from her mama's clothing line.

And others wondered why the two weren't wearing uniforms. In the past, they have been pictured wearing plaid uniforms to their private school, as seen in photos posted by The Daily Mail.

It is unclear if Jessica's children have switched schools or if they simply aren't required to wear uniforms for their first day. Recently, the mom of three also teased she would be doing some homeschooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I can't believe these kids have to do this much at home," Jessica told Self. "Eric does the math part because that's not my specialty. I'm better with the English part and all the other stuff."