October 8, 2020
Gabriella Abutbol Rocks Tiny White Bikini That Leaves Little To The Imagination

Gabriella Abutbol tantalized her 1.7 million Instagram followers on Tuesday, September 1, with a hot new post. The social media star took to the popular platform to share a new photo that featured her in a skimpy bikini that left little to the imagination, putting her spectacular figure on display.

The photo featured Abutbol outdoors as she posed in front of a large decorative vase. She rested her elbow on a low wall as she turned her torso slightly to face the camera. The picture appeared to have been taken during the golden hour as the sunlight made her skin glow.

Abutbol rocked a white two-piece swimsuit that included an interesting top. It was strapless and consisted of a narrow bodice that twisted in the middle. The two straps went in opposite directions, creating cutouts on the sides while exposing a generous amount of underboob. Her V-shaped bottoms came up high on her waist, baring her curvy hips. The bottoms included a silver-colored chain on the right.

In the caption, Abutbol reflected on being her "own motivation" and asked why she would want to be anyone else. She noted that, while everyone has flaws, she will continue to flaunt her assets.

The post quickly racked up attention. Within one hour, it has garnered more than 8,000 likes and over 70 comments. Abutbol's fans used the comments section to interact with her message, while also showering her with compliments.

"What a crazy coincidence you are my motivation too, why would I wanna look like my couch potato a** when I could look like youuuuu [exasperated face] [three heart-eyes emoji] please flaunt forever, I just almost ate Oreos as a snack but I put them back and am eating croutons instead (I need to go to the grocery store)," one user wrote.

"[E]xactly because you're perfect," noted another fan.

"K so you basically make everything look effortless and love how you're just you," a third person added.

"You are gorgeous so flaunt it all you want," chimed in a fourth fan.

Abutbol is no stranger to wearing swimsuits in her Instagram pics. Last week, she rocked a light pink two-piece that boasted a cute design, as The Inquisitr has previously noted. The two sides of the top crossed over in the middle and the thin straps wrapped over her ribcage before tying in the back. She paired it with matching bottoms that featured thin sides, which she wore pulled up high, helping to accentuate her hourglass figure.