'The Challenge' Season 36 Rumors: Cast Set To Depart With Major Roster Shake-Up

Caitlin Albers

Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding the cast of The Challenge Season 36.

The cast of MTV's The Challenge is set to depart today to begin filming Season 36. The Inquisitr has been reporting on rumors regarding the cast for the last month, as the ongoing health crisis has caused the lineup to change regularly.

For the last week, the cast has been sequestered in Los Angeles, where they were tested for COVID-19. Several potential Challengers were dropped from the roster, but there has been no reason given for their removal at this time.

A group of backups was also placed in sequester in case a main member is dropped, and it looks like that may have happened. According to The Challenge Vevmo page, there are currently 15 females and 16 males in the cast. The odd number likely won't be the final cast for the season, with one male expected to be removed in the near future. Until there is an official announcement from MTV, these rosters are always subject to change.

There are currently five male and five female rookies, from all sorts of reality television backgrounds. The Challenge will see newcomers from the WWE, the U.S. Olympic team, Survivor, Big Brother, Are You the One?, Shipwrecked UK, America's Got Talent, Ex on the Beach, and Ultimate BeastMaster.

As of this writing, the current roster is as follows.


Noticeably absent from the list is Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio. The Total Madness champion was on early rumored rosters but disappeared from speculation early on.