'The Bachelor' Stars Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Embrace First Real Vacation Together

She may not have received his final rose last winter on The Bachelor, but Kelley Flanagan seems to be the lady who ultimately snagged Peter Weber's heart. The two officially reconnected shortly after their finale aired and now they just wrapped up what they called their first official vacation together. By the looks of things, this has the makings of being the real deal with plenty of long-term potential.

This past week, Peter and Kelley took what she said was a real vacation. It appears they had a fantastic time.

Peter and Kelley spent a few days at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania, and this is a spot that may ring a bell with franchise fans. As spoiler king Reality Steve recently noted via his Twitter page -- as seen here -- Nemacolin is a spot where JoJo Fletcher and her guys stopped for a series of dates back during her season of The Bachelorette.

In addition, it's apparently where production plans to base filming this fall for Matt James and his season of The Bachelor.

In her Friday evening upload to Instagram, Kelley shared a photo of herself standing with Peter by a dining area at Nemacolin. She said that the resort visit had been a dream come true and one of the most amazing places she had stopped by in a while. She said it'd be hard to top the trip and that she and her beau had created memories that would last a lifetime.

The Bachelor fans had a lot to say about this gorgeous photo and fun trip update.

"THE MOST GORGEOUS COUPLE EVER," one comment read.

"WHEN IS THE WEDDING ALREADY!!!!" a fan teased.

"Couple goals! I will always support the both of you! You both are amazing and keep doing you and never change! I love you!" another person declared.

As the pair's supporters likely remember, Kelley was a contestant on Peter's season, and they had actually met shortly before filming started. He eliminated her right before the hometown dates, eventually giving his final rose to Hannah Ann Sluss.

Despite that elimination, it seems that these two may have been destined to be together. It apparently just took some time away from the cameras for both of them to realize it.

The two reunited a few months ago, even quarantining together at her apartment in Chicago as the coronavirus pandemic worsened. By May, they were ready to officially acknowledge they were dating, something most fans had already assumed.

It may be a bit early for these two to start planning a wedding, as they haven't even gotten engaged. However, Kelley and Peter do seem to have fallen head-over-heels for one another and they appear to have plenty of fan support behind them.