Kristin Wiig Feels ‘Lost’ Without ‘SNL’

For seven years, Kristen Wiig called the studio at Saturday Night Live home. Now that she’s moved on from the late night show the comedienne admits that she feels a little “lost.”

That doesn’t mean that Wiig hasn’t found success outside of SNL.

She was nominated for an Oscar for Bridesmaids and has appeared in movies like Friends With Kids and TV shows like Portlandia. She’s also slated to appear in the new Anchorman movie as well as the sequel to How To Train Your Dragon.

But despite her post-SNL success, the actress still says that she feels a little “lost” without the six day work week at 30 Rock.

Wiig said:

“The show was seven years of my life and a six-day work week and you’re constantly with your friends all day, all night … You sort of live and breathe the show … Then, when it’s over, you kind of feel a little lost … it was definitely an adjustment – even just the hours and [no longer] being in New York.”

Here’s a video of Wiig’s final appearance on SNL.

Wiig is currently working with another SNL alum, Will Ferrell, on the follow-up to Anchorman.

Wiig said: “I’m leaving in a few days to go film that. I’m so excited! I hope I can get thru the scenes without ruining it by laughing! I’m so excited.”