Becca Kufrin & Garrett Yrigoyen Seemingly Living Very Separate Lives Amid 'Bachelorette' Split Rumors

Rumors about a split between Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen of The Bachelorette have been swirling for nearly three months now. The two have not confirmed that they have ended their engagement. However, recent video uploads posted by each certainly seemed to suggest that they are currently living entirely separate lives.

Earlier this month, supposed insiders confirmed that Becca and Garrett had ended their engagement. While she made a somewhat snarky social media comment in response to the support, she didn't exactly deny the supposed breakup.

The Bachelorette couple have not been seen together or posted anything indicating they've been together in months, ever since a social media post of his prompted significant pushback. Just days after his problematic post, Becca acknowledged in a podcast that she wasn't sure what the future held for their relationship.

Fans have been speculating about all of this for a while, and now it seems fairly clear that Becca and Garrett are moving on with their lives separately. She had been with her mom in Minnesota for a while, but she seems to be back in California now.

A recent Instagram post revealed that she had been hanging out with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Becca Tilley in Los Angeles.

Becca appeared to be settling into a new home in recent days, but she hadn't shared specifics. In her latest Instagram stories, however, it was abundantly clear that this was a new place and that she was doing this on her own.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen celebrate Sleep Number with a Night 'Under the Mistletoe'
Getty Images | Bryan Bedder

The quick video clips featured Becca revealing that she'd figured out how to install a chain lock on her door, and she explained how she'd tackled it all herself. She also showed her puppy, Minno, in another clip and the decor of the living room was definitely different from what she had in her place with Garrett.

On Thursday evening, Garrett shared a couple of telling videos via his Instagram stories as well. He sat in a living room, seemingly with a pal, and watched the fireworks from the end of the Republican National Convention.

As the song "Proud to Be an American" played, he showed the fireworks airing on his television. He added text indicating that it had been a fantastic display after the convention where President Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination.

Some The Bachelorette fans might suspect that Garrett choosing to share that particular video was a fairly telling sign about the state of his relationship with Becca. However, neither of them has deleted photos of the other from their social media pages yet, and they are still following one another.

It doesn't look like either Becca or Garrett are going to publicly confirm anything yet. Despite that, a number of fans seem to think that the writing is on the wall at this point.