Kindly Myers Turns Up The Heat In Skimpy Black Lace Ensemble

Kindly Myers poses for a selfie.
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Playboy model Kindly Myers kicked off the weekend with a sizzling snapshot that saw her flaunting her killer curves. Her Friday Instagram update saw her wearing a skimpy set of black lace that did not leave much to the imagination.

Kindly’s outfit was all about turning up the sex appeal. It consisted of a bra, panties and a garter belt. The bra featured a neck strap and semi-sheer half-cups that put plenty of her cleavage on display. There was little to her panties, which featured a small front and two thin straps that sat high on her hips. The racy ensemble also included a wide lace garter belt from which the straps hung loose. One of them fell in front of her thigh.

The post was tagged in Phoenix, Arizona. The picture captured her body from a close angle, so not much of the room in which she stood could be seen. That being said, she posed next to what appeared to be a fireplace and a door framed with windows could be seen behind her.

Kindly faced the camera and rested one hand on the fireplace. She held her other hand in her hair as she looked downward. She tossed her long blond tresses over one shoulder and they cascaded over her breast, calling attention to her voluptuous chest. She arched her back slightly and stood with one leg forward. The pose showed off her flat abs and shapely thighs and hips. Also on display were her toned arms and her smooth, tan skin. Part of a tattoo on her side peeked out from behind the lace.

In the caption, she left a playful remark. She also credited the photographer for his work.

The post prompted a number of replies from her followers, who doled out the compliments.

“A beautiful Angel, that I’ve been searching for my whole life!!” gushed one admirer.

“Super sexy babe is what you are. Wish I was your boyfriend. Lol,” joked a second user.

“You are the most beautiful in the world! I love you,” a third fan wrote.

“Strong, dynamic, beautiful and oh so sexy,” a fourth comment read.

Kindly is no stranger to sharing provocative pictures with her online audience and she certainly knows how to work the camera.

On Thursday, she shared a snap that featured her looking sultry in a bubble bath and on Tuesday, she uploaded a photo that saw her wearing a scarf seductively while giving the lens a come-hither look.