Krissy Cela Flaunts Killer Physique In Intense Upper Body Workout

Krissy Cela takes a mirror selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness model Krissy Cela posted a new workout video set to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday, August 27, in which she trained her upper body.

The fitness trainer wore a blue sports bra that left plenty of skin exposed and drew the eye to her sculpted arms, shoulders, and back. The top featured a series of thin straps that crossed over one another along the back. She added a pair of white gym shorts with a thick elastic band to complete the outfit. The shorts ended at the tops of her thighs, showing off her muscular legs. A gap between the top and bottoms teased a bit of her toned tummy.

Krissy completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and socks. She pulled her brunette tresses back into a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face during her training session.

The model completed her workout in a brightly lit indoor space with wood floors. She demonstrated a total of four exercises and relied entirely on body weight for resistance.

The routine began with a set of bear hold shoulder taps. Krissy positioned herself on all fours with her weight supported on her toes instead of her knees. She lifted one hand at a time off the floor to tap the opposite shoulder. Following the shoulder taps, Krissy moved into the classic push-up. She placed her hands shoulder-width apart and kept her legs spread and extended as she performed the set of push-ups.

In the third video clip, Krissy showed her followers how to do side plank crunches. She positioned herself in a side plank with her weight supported on one forearm and then proceeded to bring one knee in toward her chest at the same time she touched it with a bent elbow. The final move in the routine was the commando, which was carried out from the same position as the push-up and involved dropping the body onto the forearms, alternating sides.

In the caption of the post, Krissy wrote out the number of reps and sets her followers should do for each exercise and assured them the circuit wouldn’t take longer than 3o minutes. The fitness trainer also explained her motivation behind the video was to provide trainees with a home routine in case they still didn’t have access to their gym or didn’t feel comfortable returning to the gym setting because of the pandemic.

The post earned nearly 20,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first day.