August 27, 2020
Georgia Gibbs Shows Off Her Dance Skills In Biker Shorts And Sports Bra

Georgia Gibbs captured the attention of many of her 709,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday, August 26, when she shared a series of snapshots of herself striking ballet poses in a workout set that highlighted her fit and strong physique.

The four-picture slideshow showed the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in different dancing stances, including a standing split. She wore a sapphire blue set that included a pair of biker shorts. Its elastic waistband sat just over her navel, helping to highlight Gibbs's slender midriff. The hems expanded to her mid-thighs, outlining her slender and toned legs.

Up top, Gibbs wore a matching sports bra with thin straps that stretched over her shoulders. The neckline formed a V shape that fell low on her chest, teasing a bit of her cleavage. The top had a thick lower band that hugged her ribcage, but left her upper abs on display. According to the tag, her outfit was from Alo Yoga, a brand she often wears on her posts.

In the caption, Gibbs asked her followers to share what activities or hobbies they don't do as often because they are "too busy." She shared that hers is dancing, which she explained has always been her "safe place."

In under a day, the post has garnered over 12,000 likes and more than 110 comments. Her fans used the comments section to engage with Gibbs's caption and to express their admiration for her.

"AHH ME TOO [heart-eyes emoji] I just danced for the first time in years this morning!!! Was thinking about how I really needed to take the time to get back into it," one of her fans noted.

"That set looks so good on you [heart-eyes emoji] and yess! After four years of being 'too busy' to live my best, healthiest lifestyle (starting law school, adjusting to moving to a new city etc etc) I'm back to being more active, seeing more of nature, getting more sun, making more food at home and doing yoga everyday. All of it is so therapeutic, I'll never go back," replied another user.

Gibbs often shares snapshots of herself clad in activewear or swimsuits, and she regularly pairs them with thoughtful captions that engage her audience. As reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared another post in which she wore a black two-piece bathing suit during a trip to the beach.

Gibbs had a handmade journal in the photos, one she bought from a local artist. She told fans that she loves to journal and asked them to share their own experiences.