Ana Cheri Shows Off Sexy Curves In Workout Bra & Tight Shorts

Ana Cheri poses for a selfie.
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Model and fitness enthusiast Ana Cheri looked incredible as she flaunted her toned physique in her latest social media share. She took to Instagram on Thursday to show off her sexy curves in a workout bra and a tight-fitting pair of shorts.

Ana looked like she was ready to hit the gym in the chic and sexy outfit. The black fabric contrasted with her tan skin, giving it a smooth and flawless glow.

The bra featured a zipper front, which she unzipped halfway, flaunting her cleavage. The number cut off at Ana’s rib cage, flashing just a bit of her taut abs.

Ana’s shorts had a high-rise waist, which accentuated her trim midsection. They also featured ruched seams with drawstrings on the sides. The strings were tied into bows, calling attention to her shapely thighs. The brunette bombshell completed her sporty look with a pair of black ankle socks and pink trainers.

The picture showed Ana in an open space. The floor appeared to be concrete and the walls were white. A full-sized mirror leaned against one of the walls in the background. She wore her hair pulled back in a low messy bun with a few loose tendrils framing her face. The model gave the camera a sultry look while she leaned one hand against a wall. Her other hand was on her hip. With one hip cocked to the side and one toe pointed, she showed off her curvy hips and toned legs.

Ana wrote that the set was part of a new drop from her fitness wear brand, Cheri Fit. She also made a little joke about her height.

Ana’s post was wildly popular among her 12.5 million Instagram followers and more than than 22,000 of them hit the like button within an hour of her sharing it.

Hundreds of fans also left flattering comments.

“You’re a princess from heaven,” quipped one social media user.

“How do u keep getting more perfect + fit,” a second comment read.

“How beautiful and stunning u r babe!!!” gushed a third follower.

“Madam, you are beautiful and sweet,” a fourth admirer wrote.

Ana certainly seems to know how to get and keep the attention of her social media following — by sharing snaps that feature her showing plenty of skin. Earlier this month, she turned up the heat on her Instagram page when she uploaded a photo in which she posed topless in a shower wearing just a thong and gold chains around her waist and thighs.