Kindly Myers Gets Steamy In Bubble Bath: ‘Room For One More’

Kindly Myers poses for a selfie.
Kindly Myers / Instagram

When it comes to creative ways of grabbing the attention of her two million Instagram followers, Kindly Myers knows how to get the job done. On Thursday, the blond beauty turned up the heat on her page by sharing a sultry snap that saw her relaxing in a bubble bath.

The Playboy model appeared to be nude in the photo, which captured her from the front as she reclined in a bathtub full of fluffy bubbles. She supported herself with her arms resting on the back of the tub, showing off her shapely shoulders and upper arms. The pose allowed her to flaunt her voluptuous chest, but strategically placed bubbles covered most of her breasts. She also raised one knee out of the soapy suds for an added dose of sex appeal. The skin on her shoulders appeared to be dry, but her knee and calf were wet. Her tan skin looked silky smooth as it popped against the white color.

Kindly gave the camera a sultry stare as her hands dangled over the edge of the tub. Her blond locks were pulled up in a messy bun that was piled on the top of her head. A few tendrils framed her face, softening her look. For accessories, she went with a cross pendant necklace and a dainty pair of stud earrings.

The post was tagged in Nashville, Tennessee. Aside from the tub, a white wall and part of a door were all that was visible in the snap. The bare decorations in the room made Kindly the focal point, which apparently did not disappoint her online audience, as evidenced in the lively replies left in the comments section.

Kindly credited the photographer for his creative efforts in the caption. She also left a playful comment, which prompted a number of spirited responses.

“Would you like me to wash you back?” one admirer joked with devil and kiss emoji.

“That kinda hotness will burn those bubbles up quick darlin,” a second follower quipped with kiss and heart eyes emoji.

“You look so beautiful and very hot and very very sexy in that bathtub gorgeous girl,” gushed a third Instagram follower.

“This is one of my favorite pictures of you ever,” another comment read.

Kindly has been giving her online audience plenty to enjoy this week. On Tuesday, she shared a pictures that featured her going braless while wearing a scarf, and on Wednesday, she flaunted her fabulous figure in a lace teddy and a pair of high heels.