Kim French Puts Sculpted Booty On Display In Skintight Leggings For Glutes Workout

Kim French takes a selfie in a black outfit.
Kim French / Instagram

Fitness model Kim French took to Instagram on Wednesday, August 26, to post a new workout video set in which she trained her glute muscles.

For the workout, the fitness trainer wore a pair of pink leggings that flattered her sculpted lower half and drew the eye to her ample backside. The leggings rose high on her hips and extended to her ankles, contouring to the shape of her muscular legs. She wore a white sports bra on her top half that consisted of cutouts along the upper back and showed off plenty of muscle. The front of the top cut low on her chest and teased a bit of her toned tummy.

Kim completed the outfit with a pair of white-and-gray Adidas sneakers. She wore her long brunette tresses pulled up into a high ponytail that cascaded down her back and over her shoulders.

The glutes routine appeared to take place at an indoor gym, where Kim made use of a variety of equipment, including weight machines, a resistance band, different mats, a foam roller, dumbbells, and other free weights. She completed a total of six moves, each split into an individual clip in the post.

Kim started the workout with a set of banded DB kneeling squats, using the resistance band and a single dumbbell held at chest level. The second exercise was the three pulse banded hip thrust, which she carried out using a specialized machine. In the third slide, she demonstrated the reverse frogger. She positioned herself belly-down on the floor and placed a foam roller underneath her hips.

Banded DB frog pumps followed in the fourth clip. Kim placed the weights on her hips and pushed up toward the ceiling to complete the move. She followed the frog pumps with paused kick backs, holding a plate weight in both hands for added resistance. The cable squat with band finished off the routine.

In the caption, Kim wrote out the number of sets and reps for each exercise. She also announced that she was celebrating her 33rd birthday with her husband and two children. The model wrote that there’s no age limit to fitness and that as the years go by, she only feels more passionate about the lifestyle she lives.

The booty circuit earned nearly 20,000 likes and more than 500 comments within the first day. Many of Kim’s adoring fans wished her a happy birthday in their comments.