Jessica Simpson Reveals Why She’ll Keep Rocking Her Daisy Dukes At Age 40

The fashion designer says her hottest shorts are like 'comfort clothes.'

Jessica Simpson attends The 2018 Outstanding Mother Awards at The Pierre Hotel on May 11, 2018 in New York City.
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The fashion designer says her hottest shorts are like 'comfort clothes.'

Jessica Simpson said her Daisy Dukes will always be a part of her wardrobe.

The singer and designer, who turned 40 last month, opened up about her signature shortie shorts in a new interview with Hollywood Life. The mom of three made it clear that even after 40, she still loves rocking the timeless denim hot pants and will continue to do so.

Jessica first made headlines for her super short shorts 15 years ago when she reprised Catherine Bach’s iconic role as the Duke family beauty in the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie. But the former MTV star told Hollywood Life that the look was an authentic fashion choice for her way before she made the action-adventure film.

“It’s just something that’s authentically a part of me. Even before I was Daisy, I wore short shorts that were cut off. I would make them in high school by cutting my jeans. So, it’s kind of one of those things like overalls, for me, I do the same thing. I have overalls from when I was young and I still wear them. It’s like comfort clothes.”

More than a decade after her most famous fashion moment, Jessica has continued to show off her toned legs in tiny hot pants, so it’s no surprise that she revealed that they feel like a “part” of her, so much so that she immortalized them on her popular clothing line.

In 2017, Jessica shared an Instagram pic of her wearing a teeny pair of frayed bottoms that were presumed to be from her own collection, according to People.

She also wrote about her famous movie look in her recent memoir, Open Book. In the 2020 tell-all, Jessica revealed that all the attention she garnered from her Daisy Dukes created a “gold standard Jessica” as “before” and “after” pics of her weight would haunt her.

A wax figure of Jessica Simpson wearing her Daisy Dukes.
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In 2016, The Huffington Post shared pics of some of Jessica’s leggiest moments as she modeled a pair of ultra-short hot pants for the Spring/Summer 2016 campaign for her Jessica Simpson Collection clothing line. Included in the pics was a look back at her 2005 role as the Duke cousin, where she paired her signature denim with red high heels as she took orders in a bar-restaurant.

While she said her favorite clothing items are like “comfort clothes,” the busy entrepreneur has more recently posed in full-length jeans from her fashion line in photos shared to social media. Just ahead of her 40th birthday in July, Jessica posed in an old pair of True Religion jeans from 14 years ago, which was right about the time she starred in the movie remake of the ’80s TV show.