Jessica Simpson Reveals Her 100-Pound Weight Loss Secret After Being In ‘The High Two Hundreds’

Jessica's sharing her tips to keeping the weight off.

Jessica Simpson attends the Beautycon Festival LA 2018.
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Jessica's sharing her tips to keeping the weight off.

Jessica Simpson has revealed her big secret to dropping 100 pounds and keeping it off. The mom of three opened up about how she got back into shape after giving birth to her third child, when she once tipped the scales at almost 300 pounds.

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, the singer and actress said her biggest weight loss tip is to stay active. She shared that walking is her go-to, and she makes sure she gets plenty of steps in every day.

“I like to like track my steps, keep myself accountable, and to just know my movement throughout the day. If I haven’t moved enough, I’ll make sure and get in extra steps the next day,” she said.

The star revealed that she hasn’t worked out with a trainer in months due to the ongoing pandemic, but likes to get her husband Eric Johnson and their kids in on her active sessions by heading out on family walks or bouncing around on a trampoline.

Jessica also opened up about what motivated her to get in shape and how much more comfortable she feels now.

“My weight was in the high two hundreds – that’s a lot – and I was just uncomfortable,” the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer shared, referring to her heaviest point after she gave birth to daughter Birdie Mae in March 2019.

Jessica Simpson attends Create & Cultivate Los Angeles
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“I worked hard and I am a determined person, so if I set my mind to it, I do it. I couldn’t handle being so big and my ankles were swollen… I’m just happy to feel comfortable again.”

Jessica shared that she learned while partnered with WeightWatchers to write down what she’s eating to make sure she knows exactly what’s going into her body, but no longer eats eggs or cauliflower, which were a big part of her diet on the plan.

She said she’s not too strict on herself now, but makes sure she knows when to stop eating.

“If I want something, I’ll have… it, but I’m good at putting it down,” the “These Boots Are Made For Walking” hitmaker said, adding that she doesn’t deny herself unhealthy foods such as corn dogs or mac and cheese.

Jessica’s proudly showed off her weight loss on multiple occasions, ever since she went public with her slimmed down post-baby body last year, six months after giving birth.

One photo recently shared to Instagram showed the star as she flashed her tanned and toned legs in a short, sleeveless romper and high-heeled sandals from her clothing line, The Jessica Simpson Collection.