Camille Kostek Slays In Black Bikini Top While Touring Tampa Bay In ‘The Best Way’

The 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit model had an ocean view of her new home.

Camille Kostek attends the Warner Music Group Pre-Grammy Party
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

The 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit model had an ocean view of her new home.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek showed fans the fun way she toured her new home in her latest Instagram update. She also flaunted her famously fit form in a skimpy bathing suit top as she posed for an action shot that received an enthusiastic response from her 787,000 followers.

Camille, 28, used a geotag to reveal that her photo was taken in Tampa, Florida. However, she was so far off the coast of the city that the outline of its skyscrapers was barely visible in the distance. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl was photographed sitting astride a Sea-Doo. The personal watercraft appeared to be in motion as she jetted across the sparkling, sapphire-blue ocean with sea foam swirling around her.

Camille grasped one of the vessel’s handles with one hand. She exuded a mixture of joy and exhilaration as she lifted the other hand high up in the air in an exuberant manner. She had a huge smile on her face. The swimwear model stayed true to her signature summer style by rocking a tiny black bikini top that prominently displayed her ample cleavage. The position of her upraised arm caused the piece’s triangle cups to ride up, displaying a sliver of underboob. Her pose also stretched out her body, accentuating her taut midriff.

Camille played it safe by rocking a lifejacket. She opted to wear the buckles of the protective gear completely undone to better display her enviable bikini body. She completed her sea-ready ensemble with a pair of skintight black shorts with white piping on the front. The model accessorized her look with a pair of dark sunglasses.

Camille made sure to angle her amazing body toward the camera, which she accomplished by placing one knee on the seat of the Sea-Doo. The spectacular background of her photo included a pale blue sky with puffy white clouds.

In her caption, Camille shared her revelation that taking in Tampa Bay from a distance was “the best way” to tour the area, which she’ll be spending a lot of time in this fall. She’s been dating NFL player Rob Gronkowksi for five years, and her boyfriend came out of retirement to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Camille’s followers showed their appreciation for her playful pic by pressing the like button on her post over 36,000 times. She also received an abundance of praise in the comments section.

“See your abs from miles away,” read one remark.

“I would buy this poster!” said another fan.

“Always a great day when Cam is in a swimsuit,” a third admirer raved.

While interacting with her fans in the comments, Camille revealed what they didn’t get to see in her still shot. She wrote that her Sea-Doo had speakers, so she was “dancing out at sea.”