Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael Confronts Nelle In His Desperation To Find Wiley

Thursday brings a juicy episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Michael Corinthos will catch up to Nelle Benson, and this confrontation is going to be intense.

The sneak peek for Thursday's show teases that Michael will end up at the cabin where Nelle and Wiley stopped for the night. He'll demand to know where his son is once he reaches his ex, and General Hospital fans will be anxious to see if the father and little boy are reunited at this point or not.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Carly will be trying to help. At this stage, she doesn't know exactly what her son is doing, but she knows enough to feel concerned.

General Hospital spoilers have suggested that viewers will see a big showdown of some sort involving Nelle and Carly. Unfortunately, the timing for when that battle will happen is not yet known.

Carly will be standing up for her son and grandson no matter what, and a final battle of sorts between these two women seems a fitting way to edge toward the finish line of this lengthy General Hospital storyline. In the meantime, the family has to reunite with Wiley first.

Chloe Lanier of 'General Hospital' attends the Daytime Emmy Awards
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During Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, Wiley's loved ones caught a series of lucky breaks. The biggest one came when Michael learned that Nelle had sneakily put a tracker in Wiley's stuffed kangaroo and was able to use an app on her phone to keep tabs on the little boy.

Michael was given an opportunity to try to figure out the password for Nelle's phone, and he failed with his first few guesses. On the last attempt before the device locked itself, he thought back to an intimate night with his ex and realized what the password would be.

From there, he was able to get to the tracking application and he hurriedly left General Hospital to see where the app led him. He ignored a phone call from his mother Carly, determined to do this on his own and get to Wiley before anything more could happen.

As Michael rushed to catch up to the location pinpointed by the tracker, Nelle realized that it was still with her. Although she had no way of knowing that Michael had found out about it and gained access to it, she knew this had the potential to be very bad news for her.

Will Nelle do something rash to try to protect herself? Michael already voiced concerns that Wiley could be at danger if things progressed to a stage where it was problematic for Nelle to keep him with her. Her attachment to the little boy has always been more about sticking it to the Corinthos crew than any motherly feelings, so it does seem possible that she could be capable of something horrific at this point.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday indicate that Michael will be anxious, Carly will reconsider a decision, and Sonny will visit Mike at the care facility. Do those developments signal that Wiley will be back with his father at this point? The only thing that seems certain at this stage is that tempers will be flaring as this edges forward and fans cannot wait to see what's next.