Yaslen Clemente Teases Fans & Lowers Leggings In Flirty Video

Model and fitness enthusiast Yaslen Clemente knows how to get the attention of her 2.1 million Instagram followers. Most of the time, she does it with sexy snapshots that show her scantily clad. On Wednesday, she gave them a special treat with a flirty video that featured her lowering her sweatpants while wearing a skimpy bra.

Yaslen's outfit might have been casual, but she still looked smoking hot in it. Her slate-gray leggings had a capri cut. She wore the top folded down, exposing her flat abs and the curve of her hips. The model paired the leggings with a matching cropped jacket, which she wore open to expose a light pink bra. She completed the sporty look with a pair of white trainers.

Because of the way she was holding the phone, Yaslen's face was partially obscured. Her hair appeared to be slicked back and pulled into a ponytail.

In the clip, Yaslen appeared to be in her living room, as part of a sofa was visible. Behind her was an open door. She stood in front of a mirror and captured the video on her phone.

The video began with the popular influencer catching her reflection in the mirror from a distance as she stood with one hip cocked to the side. It showed her entire body from the front. She ran one hand one had between her breasts, calling attention to her cleavage.

Yaslen then pushed up on one of her breasts while zooming in on her reflection. She lowered her hand and moved her hips from side to side before touching one of her breasts again. The model then hooked her thumb in the top of the leggings and flirtatiously tugged at them, calling attention to her chiseled abs.

The post proved to be a big hit for Yaslen, garnering more than 12,000 likes within an hour. In the post, she left an encouraging message. Dozens of her fans took to the comments section to dole out the compliments.

"Absolutely stunning omg so lean so gorgeous," commented one Instagram user.

"I'm SHOOK! You're perfection," gushed a second follower.

"Simply stunning beautiful gorgeous," a third admirer wrote.

"Damn your gorgeous," echoed a fourth fan.

Yaslen definitely knows how to work the camera, and it does not hurt that she has a bombshell body to boot. Not too long ago, she shared an update that saw her flaunting her curves in a snakeskin-print bikini.