WWE News: Controversial Attitude Era Angle Wouldn't Be Acceptable Nowadays, According To Former Official

Eric Bischoff recently sat down with Sportskeeda and discussed his time in WWE back in 2002. During the period, he served as an authority figure on the red brand. In the interview, Bischoff recalled how his first tenure with the company was synonymous with controversial angles, including one that saw female models kiss and roll around with each other in the middle of the ring.

According to Bischoff, the weekly segment -- which was dubbed "hot lesbian action" on television -- wouldn't fly nowadays. Back then, however, no idea was too problematic to be considered, which may have normalized many inappropriate storylines, according to the former general manager of Monday Night Raw.

"I think the most controversial thing that I did when I was there -- you couldn't do it today. You couldn't do the hot lesbian action. It would be inappropriate, you will get crucified in the media, and probably deservedly so. That's probably something that I did back then and we all kind of went 'yeah, yeah, that's wrestling.' But you could never do this now."
Bischoff revealed that he wasn't involved in the creative process, but he stated that he doesn't remember any heated scenario being scrapped by the company. The only time that WWE officials didn't move ahead with edgy storylines was when the television network told them not to. The former general manager also said that he doesn't know who came up with the idea for this particular storyline.

As documented by Wrestling-Edge, the company has since removed footage of the lesbian segments from online video-sharing outlets. It's not uncommon for the sports entertainment promotion to erase insensitive storylines from history.

Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring

As the Wrestling-Edge report noted, these segments were criticized for their disrespectful content as well. The segment highlighted in the article pertained to Three-Minute Warning -- a tag team made up of heavyweight male superstars -- attacking two women at Bischoff's command following their risque behavior.

Stephanie McMahon also participated in one of the segments at Unforgiven 2000. Her team lost to Bischoff's at the event, and the stipulation meant that she had to partake in a controversial on-screen moment.

The promotion tends to avoid overly sexual angles these days, and it's very rare for the male superstars to physically provoke women. This is due to the PG rating of the weekly programming.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, the reason why the Retribution stable contains members from both genders is so the promotion can avoid any negative publicity when female superstars are victims of the group's random attacks on the roster.