LG Curved OLED TV’s Will Start Shipping In Second Half Of 2013


The LG curved OLED TV revolution is upon us! The electronics manufacturer showed off its new EA9800 TV at CES 2013, and now it will begin selling the televisions in the second half of 2013.

LG has not yet provided an exact release date for its new curve OLED TV displays.

Speaking about his company’s upcoming release, LG Home Electronics Product Communication team manager Hung W.K told Trustred Reviews:

“I can’t give you an exact time, but I think we will see the first curved TV devices on the market soon … Consumers will be most strongly immersed with this curve.” Vice president of Home Entertainment Thomas Lee advised that the “curved TVs are coming in the second half of this year,” and that curved TVs are “another major trend.”

LG designed the curved OLED TV displays so the display can be equidistant from the viewer’s eyes when viewed from a head-on angle.

According to an LG blog post, the curved display allows for less visual distortion.

The new display also takes advantage of a fourth white sub-pixel that adds to the RGB setup for a minimal bezel, 3D, and Smart TV functionality.

LG and other device manufacturers are continuing to release new technologies in an attempt to stay ahead of consumers. The tech industry has reached the point where consumers expect new and bold design features and functionality from their new pieces of technology.

Pricing has not been revealed at this time.

Do you plan on picking up an LG OLED Curved display television when they reach the open market?