Will Hurricane Laura Hit Beaumont, Texas? Storm's Latest Track & Path

Aaron Homer

Hurricane Laura is headed toward the coast of the United States, but will the storm hit Beaumont, Texas? The latest projected path indicates that the storm will pass directly over the city of 116,000 people, according to The Beaumont Enterprise.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, two well-respected hurricane-prediction models, the GFS and the "Euro Model," both predict that the storm will make landfall along the Texas-Louisiana border, though the models differ in their predictions about exactly where the storm will hit. Specifically, the GFS model puts the worst of the storm further east, in Louisiana, though regions in Texas will still get much of the expected winds, rain, storm surge, and strong surf. The Euro model has Laura arriving slightly further west, deeper into Texas. Either way, the city of Beaumont is expected to take a severe hit according to both models.

The most significant difference between the Euro and GFS models' predictions has to do with the hurricane's progression, not how it's expected to make landfall. So, both models are in agreement that East Texas, and Beaumont specifically, are in trouble.

"The cone (of uncertainty) is getting smaller," said meteorologist Roger Erickson earlier this week, when prediction systems made it clear that Southeast Texas was most certainly going to be in for a major storm.

Another problem facing the city is the expected storm surge. Some analyses predict that a storm surge could make it as far as 30 miles inland, potentially reaching the outer limits of the city.

E&E News predicted that this particular storm will be remembered not for its rainfall and storm surges, but for its winds. Specifically, the website predicted that Laura could knock down power lines or fell trees onto them, raising the possibility that some residents in the region could go days or weeks without power.