Suzy Cortez Rocks A Thong & Soccer Cleats While Posing Near A Goal

Suzy Cortez has paid tribute to Lionel Messi in many ways on her wildly popular Instagram account. On the same day that she got a tattoo of the soccer star's face inked on her hip, Suzy took to her page to share a soccer-inspired snap that has her 2.3 million fans taking notice.

The scorching update captured Suzy posed outside near a soccer post. She stood in front of the goal, and a white net could be seen at her back. Plenty of lush greenery and grass took up the rest of the space behind the model's back as sunlight cascaded over her fit figure. Miss BumBum World 2019 commanded the attention of her audience as she posed in a sexy athletic-inspired look that allowed her to flaunt her sculpted body.

On her upper half, she opted for a dry-fit shirt that boasted a navy blue hue. The shirt was decorated with a graphic drawing of Messi, and his name was written on the top in bold, yellow letters. The t-shirt had capped sleeves that were worn high on her arms and showcased her defined biceps. Suzy playfully tugged at the front of the shirt and revealed a glimpse of her rock-hard abs.

The lower half of her outfit was just as hot as the model opted for a pair of tiny panties. The garment boasted the same blue hue as her top and had string sides that stretched over her cut hips. The panties rode low on her stomach, only covering what was necessary to meet Instagram's guidelines. Suzy's athletic look also called for a pair of knee-high socks and pink cleats.

Suzy styled her long, dark locks with a middle part and added a few loose curls to her mane. Half of her hair spilled over one shoulder, and the other half was worn down her back. The hot new photograph has attracted a ton of praise from her legion of fans, including over 21,000 likes and 100-plus comments. Several social media users dropped a line to let Suzy know that her body looks amazing while a few more said that they are also big fans of Messi.

"Omg this is too hot. Absolutely gorgeous," one follower gushed alongside a series of flame emoji.

"Wow Cool picture shoot," a second Instagrammer chimed in.

"Very very very beautiful body," a third admirer wrote with the addition of a few flame emoji.

"The most beautiful princess in all of the land," one more social media user raved.