'Bold And The Beautiful' Recap For Tuesday, August 25: Ridge Reunites With Shauna

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, August 25 features Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) clearly devastated after hearing Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) shocking admission. He heard her tell Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) that a part of her would always love him. However, he didn't stay around to hear her also telling him that her heart only belonged to Ridge, per Soap Central. He tore up the note he left on her pillow and trashed the flower that he placed in her room, as seen in the tweet below.

In the meantime, Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer) was sure that Bill was declaring his love for Brooke at that moment. She was confident that Ridge would walk away from her if he thought that the media mogul was still in the picture. Shauna Fulton Forrester (Denise Richards) was sorry for Brooke. Quinn retorted that the designer's former wife should have known better than to mess with her. As seen in the tweet below, Quinn said that she should have known that she was always the most dangerous person in the room.
Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) visited Brooke, who filled her in on the new developments. She shared that she was not willing to give up on Ridge and that they were going to make up. Donna wondered why she and the dressmaker were not upstairs in the bedroom. Brooke said that she did not sleep with married men. Meanwhile, Ridge was shoving the annulment papers in Shauna's face.

Brooke also told her sister that Bill had come by. He wanted to have another chance with her now that Ridge was out of the picture. Donna wanted to know if he had declared his love. Her sister admitted that he did. Donna felt bad for Katie Logan (Heather Tom), as did Brooke. She was just glad that Ridge had not arrived while Bill was there.

The soap opera showed that Shauna thought that her marriage was a sham if Ridge was only there because of their plot. Quinn felt that it was only part of the reason why her husband would stay with her. She was still his wife. She left Shauna alone so that she could reunite with her husband.

A montage played of Ridge waiting outside the door; he felt betrayed by Brooke and was uncertain of his next move. Bill was in his office and thought back to kissing Brooke and their wedding day. Brooke was getting ready for an evening of intimate pleasure and waited for the designer in the bed. Shauna recalled her wedding with the dressmaker at the all-night chapel.

Ridge entered the living room, put the annulment papers in his pocket, and called Shauna his wife. She confirmed the fact and told him that he was home. He held out his hand for them to go upstairs. Quinn, who had been spying on them, was overjoyed. As seen above, she silently screamed, "Yes!"