Lauren Simpson Leaves Little To The Imagination In Pink Thong Bikini For Glutes Workout

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a new workout video to Instagram on Wednesday, August 26, that was filmed at the beach.

The fitness trainer wore a pink thong bikini to complete the workout, showing off plenty of skin and leaving little of her enviable figure to the imagination. The top included strings around the neck and rib cage to secure the material to her body while the strips of fabric along the chest teased her ample cleavage. The eye was drawn to her chiseled arms, shoulders, and back. The bottoms also featured a thin string around the hips and through the backside, leaving Lauren's sculpted booty and long, muscular legs on display. A large gap between the upper and lower halves showed off her toned tummy as well.

Lauren pulled her long, platinum-blond tresses back into a low ponytail that flowed down her back. She clipped back any loose strands with a bobby pin. A small tattoo could be seen on the left side of her rib cage, just below her armpit.

The circuit took place at Bronte Beach, Australia, according to the geotag. Lauren used a multi-colored booty band for added resistance to complete all seven moves.

The glutes routine began with a set of paused table top hip thrusts, followed by the table top hip thrust with abductions. Lauren moved into three-point toe taps in the third slide, lowering her body into a squat and giving her followers an eyeful of her backside during the move. In the fourth video, she completed some standing leg lifts, raising one leg at a time out to the side with the band wrapped around her thighs.

A set of B stance squats to leg lifts came next. Lauren squatted with one leg placed behind the other and then raised it out to the side as she came out of the position. The sixth exercise was the simple squat, which she completed quickly while making sure to maintain good form. She ended the workout with the monster walk.

In the caption, Lauren instructed trainees to perform between 12 and 15 reps for each move, for a total of between four and five rounds. She noted that although she completed the circuit outside, it can be adapted to the home or gym setting.

The glutes routine proved to be popular with her 1.9 million followers. It earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments in just one hour.