'DWTS' Pro Sasha Farber Is Home Alone And Up To No Good In Hilarious Quarantine Video

Dancing with the Stars pro Sasha Farber is home alone and up to no good in a hilarious, new video. Per the series' coronavirus safety rules regarding competition, married partners must quarantine separately from one another. Therefore, wife Emma Slater has temporarily moved out of their home. Without his spouse of two years by his side, Sasha found a way to entertain himself, and the resulting video was remarkable.

Sasha was seen in the short film wearing an orange and blue plaid shirt. It was opened at the top of his neck. With it, he wore black pants, and his feet were bare.

The footage was shot in the evening in what appeared to be a large living space within the family's abode.

The room featured high ceilings and large skylights which likely flood the room with natural light during the daytime. Behind the dancer was a wall of glass windows which showcased a backyard area. In the darkness, small outdoor lights could be seen strung around the perimeter. The room's wood floors were a light color, adding to the clean look. A dark green sofa with coordinating accent pillows was seen in the far right corner of the photo.

In the clip, Sasha stood behind what seemed to be a tall stack of concrete slabs. He raised his hands in the air to steady himself and then slammed his head into what was found to be faux cement as the large slabs broke into pieces. Sasha fell to the floor, arms extended, and appeared to pass out.

His DWTS pals were some of the first to comment on the hilarious video, which was complete with very loud sound effects in order to make the strike of Sasha's head and the falling cement sound loud and menacing.

Wife Emma seemed worried by the apparent hijinks in their home and stated "oh dear" in the comments section of the share.

Lindsay Arnold, who will be absent for Season 29 due to her advanced pregnancy status, applauded Sasha for his odd clip.

Other fans found the short film to be hilarious.

"I hope the house is still standing after this quarantine thing is over for the two of you," remarked one viewer.

"Someone is bored and lonely," quipped a second follower.

"I love your videos! I can count on you to make me feel better when I'm having a bad day. You're so funny! Keep it up," encouraged a third Instagram user.

"Well you're really having fun with Emma gone and you're really getting good at editing videos!" said a fourth fan.