Yovanna Ventura Shows Off Cleavage In Daring Top As She Sips Cocktails And Reveals A Sweet End To Her Night

Instagram model Yovanna Ventura delighted her 5.3 million followers with a visual story for her latest post. The update, which was posted on Tuesday, August 25, was a series of shots that not only highlighted plenty of her cleavage but told a tale from "start to end" regarding a recent night out on the town.

In the set, Yovanna wore a yellow halter-neck top that plunged down to her midriff. The front showed off plenty of the celebrity's chest as a result of this. However, that did not stop her from smiling in the snaps as she sat at a table and enjoyed a cocktail.

The first three images saw the Instagram sensation glowing as she beamed broadly at her intended audience. Another drink was on the tabletop, presumably belonging to whoever was capturing the moment. A dark night's sky in the background was broken up by small hanging lights.

Yovanna stood proudly in the fourth image. With a drink in her hand, it was revealed that she had teamed her plunging top with a long white skirt featuring a high side split and a pair of neutral heeled sandals.

A fifth shot was taken in the same location but the celebrity squatted this time. Behind her, a lit-up cityscape could be seen across a body of water.

The final snap revealed a sweet end to her night. Still smiling, Yovanna was now obviously at home as she reclined on a sofa with one of her dogs. Once more, she looked relaxed and happy as she posed.

As soon as Yovanna posted the images, her followers were quick to respond. Within seven hours, the set had amassed a whopping 82,400 likes and hundreds of comments from her eager admirers.

"Looking happy," said fellow Instagram celebrity Ariadna Gutierrez.

"I wish I was that straw," one follower joked in the comments section.

"Best thing is that the straw is made out of avocado seed!! Y'all know I lookout!!" Yovanna was quick to respond.

"You're so beautiful," a fan said.

"Cheek bones poppin," a fourth person wrote, also using a couple of emoji for added emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers opted to use emoji over words in order to convey how they felt about the set and there was a vast variety of ones used. However, the most popular were the heart, heart eyes, and fire emoji.

While this update revealed a smiling Yovanna, an earlier one was more serious. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she shared a series of shots a week ago in which she insisted she was giving off "Sagittarius energy." In those snaps, Yovanna struck a series of poses with a sullen expression on her face.