Amanda Cerny Flaunts Her Chiseled Abs & Fit Physique In Sports Bra & Booty Shorts

Amanda Cerny shared a short workout video on her TikTok page Tuesday that seemed to impress and inspire her millions of fans. She gave everybody a peek at the strength training session she was doing, while her killer physique had everybody buzzing.

The TikTok video showed Cerny working out in the fitness center, and it appeared that she had the place mostly to herself. She had her brunette hair pulled back into a simple ponytail and looked ready to dig in and challenge her body. She was focused and determined while doing several repetitions at one machine, leaning back and bending her knees slightly to get the most out of the moves.

In her caption, Amanda explained that she was focused on some strength training since it was a great way to improve one's posture. She encouraged her followers to make sure they took breaks from scrolling every once in a while to move their bodies too.

The 29-year-old social media starlet showcased her fabulous form as she did the exercise. She wore a black and gray sports bra and black Nike sneakers along with some tiny, tight shorts as she looked incredible during her gym visit.

The bold red color of the shorts provided a fabulous contrast to the rest of her basic ensemble and the look as a whole perfectly showcased Cerny's incredible physique.

"Yo you can't wear that to the gym someone's gonna get hurt," teased one person.

As she worked through this particular exercise, Cerny's followers were able to see the strength in her arms, appreciate her chiseled abdominals, and fawn over her long, lean legs. She has nearly 9 million followers on TikTok, and they found plenty to love with this clip.

About five hours after she uploaded the clip, the video already had more than 205,000 views. Nearly 35,000 people hit the "like" button and almost 250 people left a comment.

"My motivation right now," a fan noted.

"Perfection," another person wrote.

"Get those gains girl," someone else teased.

Judging by how Cerny's abdominals looked in this new clip, it seemed clear that she had kept up her workout schedule throughout the quarantine.

Cerny recently joked on Instagram that the garbage got out more than she did. However, it was obvious with this post that she hadn't exactly lounged around and ignored her workout routine during these unusual times.

She's maintained an incredible figure with workouts like these and it appeared that her determination to hit the gym inspired some of her fans to do the same for themselves.