Instagram Model Galina Dub Flaunts Booty & Curves In Tiny Blue Bikini For Latest Update

Instagram star Galina Dub scintillated fans with an alluring photo for her latest update. In the snap, she was photographed poolside in a scenic locale wearing a tiny bikini that put her slender figure on full display.

The 25-year-old has been fairly quiet on the social media platform in recent weeks, but returned from her hiatus with this jaw-dropping picture. She was shot outdoors near what appeared to be an infinity pool, and she looked stunning while surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Galina was filmed from the side as she laid down on the edge of the pool. The side closest to the camera had light-colored water, with the background composed of gorgeous dark blue water. There were hillsides and mountains in the backdrop, and a sea vessel dotting the distance. The Russian beauty had her legs bent with her left leg slightly extended. She arched her back, which helped accentuate her curves, and wrapped her arms around her midsection. Galina's auburn-colored hair was slicked back with a wet look, and her body was mirrored in the nearby water.

The social media influencer rocked a small sky-blue bikini which complemented the nautical motif of the shot. Galina's top had thin straps that tied around the neck, with matching bottoms that had similar straps that hugged onto her waist and knotted on the side. Fans were treated to a view of her defined legs, and a glimpse of her toned stomach and backside. Her skin appeared to glow under the sunlight.

For the caption, Galina asked her followers where they traveled to this summer. She included a sparkling emoji and added hashtags of several cities in the comment section including "#ibiza" and "#japan" after uploading the image on Tuesday.

Many of the model's 1.4 million Instagram followers noticed the poolside snap, and more than 45,000 showed their approval by hitting the "like" button in the five hours since it went online. She received over 250 comments, with her replies flooded with heart-eye and fire emoji. Fans complimented both Galina's figure and the beautiful backdrop.

"Hey how much can you bench cause that arch is serious?" one admirer asked.

"Freedom and beauty enjoy that happy place," another added.

"In my house for the quarantine in Mexico," a fan wrote in response to the caption.

"For summer I stayed home feeling the fresh air of nature, it was quite fun," another replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last month Galina uploaded a spicy bedroom selfie that saw her rocking a pair of black panties.