Qimmah Russo Hits Best Buy Wearing Bikini-Cut Shorts And A Crop Top In Throwback Photo

Fitness model Qimmah Russo shared a throwback photo that stunned her 1.6 million Instagram followers on Tuesday. The snap pictured the model doing some shopping in a revealing outfit that left little to the imagination. The post proved to be popular, as just over 8,000 fans hit the "like" button in the first 45 minutes.

Qimmah wore a tiny white crop top with red piping around the neck and cap sleeves. It had the words "cry baby" printed across the chest in small capitalized letters. The shirt was slightly sheer, displaying a hint of a brightly colored bra underneath.

She also wore a pair of black bottoms that appeared to be bikini-cut workout shorts. They seemed to scarcely cover her booty. The garment fit tightly and was only a few inches wide around her hips. Qimmah tugged at one side with her right thumb and forefinger, exposing even more of her skin.

The waistband rested well below her hip bones, showing off the insanely defined lines of the deep "V" of her lower torso and exposed her toned legs in their entirety.

Qimmah posed standing on her tiptoes, which activated every muscle in her ripped thighs and calves. She finished off her ensemble with a pair of red athletic shoes with white soles and laces, and slouchy white socks.

The bright fluorescent lights accentuated the definition of her fit physique, creating a play of light and shadow across her body.

Qimmah had a small bag slung over her right shoulder. Her left arm hung along side her body, revealing light blue manicured nails. She appeared to accessorize with only a pair of sparkling stud earrings and a band around her wrist.

She parted her dark hair in the center and styled her tresses in long double braids that started at the crown of her head.

The snap captured Qimmah in the accessories section of the large electronics store. A service counter and an end cap with an illuminated ad for Google were the most prominent things in the background, although the environment was filled with shelves of various merchandise and product signs.

She did not appear to have selected anything to purchase when the image was taken.

Qimmah's Instagram fans were quick to compliment her on her notable appearance.

"Don't hurt nobody tough girl, but still beautiful," declared one fan, referring to her caption.

"Bet the shoppers had something to smile about," teased a second person.