Anllela Sagra Goes Braless Under An Unbuttoned White Shirt & Shares A Flirty Lip Sync Video

Fitness model Anllela Sagra took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a hot new video with her followers. The Colombian native lip-synced to the song "Outside" and she turned up the heat as she did it.

Anllela's fans are accustomed to seeing her bare her rock-hard abdominals or pert derriere, but she went in a different direction this time. Her video still had a significant sizzle factor, but not in the way that many have come to expect of her.

The clip was only about 10 seconds long, but that was more than enough time to raise her follower's heart rates. The camera was zoomed in to focus just on Anllela's face and chest and it seemed that a filter added some softness and sparkle.

The 26-year-old beauty had her arms raised over her head with her wrists resting on her hair. Her brunette tresses tumbled over one shoulder and she wore a gold choker and hoop earrings. Anllela also wore a plain white button-down shirt and she seemed to be braless under it.

"Shine bright like a diamond... love you from Switzerland," one fan wrote in response to the new post.

Anllela tied the tails of the white shirt in a knot just below her breasts. She left it fully unbuttoned and seemed to have the sides carefully placed to reveal plenty of her cleavage while still covering the necessary tidbits.

The Colombian model exuded an incredibly sultry vibe as she looked directly toward the camera and lip-synced a few lyrics to the Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding song. She smiled at one point and winked at another, looking to the side briefly as she mouthed the words to the song.

"I feel your soul," a fan noted.

Some of Anllela's followers mentioned the sensual vibe they picked up on with this video and others felt that everything about this upload was perfect.

"Your eyes..your smile..your hair.." detailed an impressed supporter.

"You're Amazingly beautiful," someone else shared.

More than 77,000 of Anllela's supporters liked this new post in the first five hours after it was posted. Almost 800 comments poured in during that time as well and most of the fitness model's fans were quite smitten with this one.

Anllela often shares videos of herself in her bathroom or bedroom while wearing workout gear or simply underwear. Her Tuesday post was far less revealing in that sense, as she was more covered up than usual.

However, she still showcased quite a bit of skin thanks to her decision to go braless and leave her shirt open. Those who checked this new clip out clearly appreciated her choices and seemingly would have loved to have seen her go on for a bit longer.