Melissa Riso Tugs Wild Animal-Print Bikini Top: 'Stay Positive'

Model Melissa Riso took to Instagram this afternoon to treat her 1.2 million followers on the popular social media platform to a sensual photo of herself wearing a tiny string bikini top while encouraging people to stay positive amidst many external forces.

The model's fans shared lots of love on her Instagram post with at least 2,000 hitting the "like" button within a few minutes after she shared the smoking-hot picture. Dozens of Instagrammers also took the time to leave positive comments for the actress after she shared such affirming words in her caption. The flame emoji frequently appeared, providing a visual clue that her followers thought she looked hot in the shot.

"Well said gorgeous. You look so freaking beautiful," gushed one follower who also included a row filled with flames.

"You the hottest so fine lovely and sexy. I guess words can't describe how gorgeous you are," a second fan declared adding to red heart emoji.

"I love you more!!!!! Thank you so much. You make me. Here are some very happy and positive vibes. Stay strong. Melissa, I have been here for you," noted a third devotee who left several mermaids.

"Yes indeed, Melissa Riso is exquisitely gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful. I would be pleased and blessed to get a personal message by her and quite literally would make my day hear from a beautiful woman that holds in the highest regard!" a fourth Instagrammer wrote along with a blushing smiley.

In the image, Melissa stood outside in a shaded area, and bits of a tropical tree, and a colorful garden was behind her. The model stared straight in the camera's lens with a sizzling look in her big brown eyes, which were framed by a fringe of long dark eyelashes. Her full pink lips were slightly parted, and she tilted her head slightly down.

Melissa's long highlighted brunette locks cascaded in loose waves over both shoulders and down her back. She wore a black and orange animal print string bikini top with the cups connected by a small strap in the middle, which the actress grabbed with both thumbs and gently tugged lower, which revealed a generous glimpse of her ample cleavage spilling over the garment.

Melissa accessorized with a delicate gold chain that featured a heart and key-shaped charm that nestled right above her chest. Her arms rested near her navel, showing off her flat tummy and sunkissed tan.