Scientology Rejects Comedian Russell Brand

Scientology Rejects Comedian Russell Brand

Whoever knows how much of what a comedian says is true or exaggerated. Russel Brand told Conan O’Brian Tuesday night that Scientology rejected him.

Conan asked the British funny man about working with Tom Cruise in the movie Rock of Ages. Brand joked, “He is a glorious man, and he is very kind and sweet. That’s what you say if you want to continue to work in the film industry.”

Brand is a former sex and drug addict on a spiritual quest, and he seems to be open to any spiritual idea. He practices Transcendental Meditation, yoga and studies the writing of Carl Jung, the student of Sigmund Freud who believed in astrology, spiritualism, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and ESP.

“It changes consciousness, it’s really good if you’ve had addiction issues,” Brand said when interviewed by The Guardian. “It’s highly psychological, and very beautiful, and overwhelming, and real, and trippy.”

He told Conan he was interested in Scientology, but Tom Cruise suggested he read the Bible instead.

“Every so often I’d say things like, oh Tom, sometimes I’m a bit lost in life, to see if he would try and get me in and he’d go, oh yeah, I dunno, read the bible,” Brand said.

When that didn’t work he got more specific. “Oh Tom, I wish I had a way of thinking more positively about the future,” he said. “That man had no interest in getting me into Scientology at all!”

Conan asked Brand if he was hurt Tom Cruise wouldn’t recruit him for Scientology. Brand said, “If there’s a cult that don’t want me, I want to know why!”

Watch the video and judge for yourself. Was Russell Brand really interested in Scientology, or did Tom Cruise just know enough about him not to take his interest seriously?