Bruna Rangel Lima Squats Down Low In Order To Work Out Her Enviable Booty

Popular Instagram model Bruna Rangel Lima impressed her 4.1 million followers with the recent workout video she shared on the social media platform. The update, which was posted on Tuesday, August 25, showed the celebrity working hard in order to maintain her enviable booty.

Well known for her bikini shots, Bruna changed things up a little by revealing to fans just how hard she worked out to maintain her perfect physique.

The model wore a white halterneck crop top that plunged down low in the front. This revealed plenty of her cleavage while she reclined on one of the exercise machines. She teamed this with a pair of gray leggings that hugged her form and highlighted her toned legs and calves. On her feet, she wore white Nike runners that featured black logos and soles.

During the workout video, Bruna showed just how strong she was as she pushed 20 kilograms (approximately 44 pounds) of weight. Her lean legs performed the task with apparent ease.

The Instagram sensation then began squatting down low while using a support handle on the side of the machine as she continued to shape her backside. Bruna repeated several repetitions of this exercise, much to the delight of her supporters.

As soon as the celebrity posted the video, her followers were quick to respond. Within six hours, the clip had gathered more than 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments from her adoring supporters.

"Strong and sexy," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"Add more weight," a fan dared.

"Keep it up," said another user.

"This girl is Wow," a fourth person wrote, adding a couple of emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her followers decided to use emoji rather than words in order to convey their emotions. The most popular appeared to be the heart-eyed, and muscly arm ones. However, there were also plenty of instances of the heart and fire emoji as well, with users often adding long strings of them as they rushed in to show how the felt about the clip.

While Bruna does not share that many workout clips, she does delight her admirers with a variety of swimwear snaps. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently showed off her killer curves while wearing a strappy black monokini.

In the caption, she instructed her fans to swipe in order to see the "bigger picture." When users did so, they were rewarded with a close-up pic of Bruna in the bathing suit.