'One Piece' Chapter 988 Features Brook-Franky Combo Knocking Out Yonko Big Mom

The latest chapter of One Piece manga, which is titled "Sorry For the Wait," featured "Soul King" Brook and Cyborg Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates going up against Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin. While Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido is busy dealing with the Nine Red Scabbards at the rooftop, Emperor Big Mom has started her own party at the banquet hall.

In One Piece Chapter 988, the lady Yonko was initially shown targeting Monkey D. Luffy, who was supposed to check his friend, Vinsmoke Sanji. As everyone knows, Emperor Big Mom headed into the Land of Wano seeking revenge against Luffy and his crew. She claimed that Luffy destroyed everything that she was looking forward to, including the wedding, tea party, and feast in Onigashima.

When Luffy got into her range, Emperor Big Mom unleashed "Ikoku Sovereignty." It failed to hit her target, but it created a huge hole in the skull dome. After Luffy ran away, she decided to chase Nami, who stole one of her homies, Zeus. With the huge difference in their power level, Nami was left with no choice but to run for her life.

Flickr | jennifer Broun Conor

While trying to escape from the lady Yonko, Nami tried to convince Zeus to become her slave once again. However, Emperor Big Mom managed to get Zeus back and immediately told him to attack the navigator. She threatened her homie that if he went easy on the enemy, she would make him disappear. With the homie starting to cooperate with his old master again, Nami's life was clearly in danger.

Luckily, before a bolt of strong lightning hit her, two of her formidable allies, Brook and Cyborg Franky, came to save Nami from the hands of Emperor Big Mom. Brook and Cyborg Franky were shown in One Piece Chapter 988 strolling around the banquet hall while riding a strange motorcycle. When they heard their navigator shouting for help, they quickly headed toward her location.

Cyborg Franky ran over Emperor Big Mom, while Brook drew his sword and sliced Zeus into half. Though it's not an attack that could completely kill a Yonko, it managed to knock Emperor Big Mom down. Based on the final scenes of One Piece Chapter 988, it seems like Linlin has lost consciousness. Taking away Linlin, even just for a few minutes, on the battlefield would be a huge help for the Straw Hat Pirates alliance as it would enable them to focus on dealing with Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.