Teacher Caught Throwing Dodgeball At Student [Video]

bridgeport middle school dodgeball

A Texas middle school substitute teacher was caught on video throwing a basketball at a student’s head. The incident reportedly occurred during a dodgeball game during gym class. Bill Garvin had allegedly been hit in the head himself by “soft dodgeballs” thrown by students. He has served as a substitute teacher at the Bridgeport Middle School in the past.

An iPad video was taken of the Texas teacher throwing a dodgeball at the student. One student reportedly fell onto the gym floor laughing after allegedly throwing a ball at the teacher. Bill Garvin then allegedly threw a dodgeball straight down to the floor at the student.

The video taken at the Bridgeport Middle School also shows seventh graders continuing to throw dodgeballs at the substitute teacher after their classmate was hit with a ball. The teacher can be heard saying something like, “You want to be down there crying like he is?” The utterance appears to be referencing the boy on the gym floor.

The eighth-grade student who used his school-issued iPad video to record the scene said, “It started out with kids going crazy. At first it was kind of funny.”

The Texas middle school student went on to tell the Wise County Messenger that the substitute teacher appeared to get mad after getting hit with a ball. The young man also maintained that Garvin threw a ball at a student’s head.

Bridgeport Middle School Principal Travis Whisenant asked Bill Garvin to leave the campus after watching the video. Parents of students attending the gym class were reportedly notified. The mother of the student hit with a dodgeball was upset that a substitute who was supposed to be a “person you can trust” threw a ball at her son.

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