Mariana Morais Flaunts Her Derriere In A Tight Blue Mini Dress & Teases 'I Like Peaches'

Instagram model Mariana Morais looked incredible in a pair of photos she shared online on Monday afternoon. She posed in an open-air market near some fruit, but it looked as if everybody's attention was focused solely on the blond beauty's jaw-dropping curves.

Mariana teased in her caption that she liked peaches, and she held a large, ripe one in her hand. In the first photo, she posed with the peach held up to her open mouth, as if she were ready to take a bite. In the second photo, she held it out to the side.

In her caption, Mariana noted that her skintight blue dress was from Fashion Nova. The clingy garment had long sleeves and a tiger graphic with the phrase "No Fears" printed across the front.

The stretchy material highlighted the beauty of Mariana's hourglass figure and accentuated her plump breasts, slim waistline, and pert derriere. The bottom hem rested on the model's upper thighs and the second snap revealed that she accessorized this ensemble with a pair of sunglasses and white sneakers along with a bag or a small backpack that hung over one shoulder.

Mariana's long, blond tresses were parted down the middle and tumbled down her back. In addition, a few wisps hung lightly over her shoulders.

"So hot, and so healthy," one fan commented.

Both photos showed Mariana cocking one hip to draw everybody's eyes to her peachy posterior. She appeared to arch her back slightly to highlight her curvy backside, and her well-defined thigh muscles demanded attention in the full-length photo.

This set of snapshots quickly garnered a lot of engagement from Mariana's 822,000 Instagram followers. Many of the initial comments teasingly referred to her booty as a peach, and it seemed likely that was her intent with this setup.

"Honestly have never seen a peach look so perfect in my life," one person teased.

"Yes plump peaches are the real deal #bootygains," another person wrote.

"I mean that should be your nickname girl!!! You are my gains goalllll," someone else declared, including an emoji of the fruit to her note.

It was nothing but love for the model -- who goes by the moniker "Maare Beaar" on social media -- in response to this new post. Although the Brazilian bombshell frequently shows off her incredible physique via bikinis or revealing bathing suits, she also raises temperatures in relatively regular outfits, too.

Granted, on Mariana's figure, nothing she wears exactly comes off as ordinary. Almost anything she wears transforms into something sultry on her figure, and her confident vibe doesn't exactly hurt.