Tiffani Thiessen Throws ‘No Garbage’ Party To Support Green Cause

Tiffani Thiessen Throws 'No Garbage' Party To Support Green Cause

Tiffani Thiessen threw a lavish party to support her new green cause, and the end result of the lavish affair was one bag of garbage.

Thiessen, who grew up with a father who taught her the importance of conservation, threw the party in support of Glad’s One Bag campaign, which asks people to use more environmentally conscious pieces at parties to save on waste.

To show people how easily it could be done, Tiffani Thiessen threw a One Bag party herself, ending up with minimal trash.

“I was lucky enough to be approached by them to do this, and I totally jumped at the chance,” Thiessen told ET. “My dad was a landscape architect, very earthy in the yard, and he taught me at a young age about conservation. That’s been instilled in me since I was young, so I’ve really tried to live my life that way. We are putting so much pressure on our Earth that we need to do everything we can. Every little bit helps.”

Tiffani Thiessen added that becoming a parent herself has changed her outlook on going green.

“I want to make sure there’s an Earth for all our children to live on, and that it’s a healthy place with clean air and animals to learn about,” she said. “We’re sharing this space with everything living on this planet, and that’s what is hard to see — we’re growing as a population but in doing so, we’re pushing out the creatures who were here before. We need to be careful about what we take from the environment and what we put back into it.”

While she’s working on green projects, Tiffani’s former Saved by the Bell co-star Dennis Haskins has been working on a reunion for the show’s stars. Thiessen recently did a television stint as co-host on the Today show and was surprised by Haskins, who played the school’s principal, Mr. Belding.

Haskins has talked about putting together a Saved By The Bell reunion, but Tiffani Thiessen is enjoying her co-starring role on the show White Collar and doesn’t seem to interested in a reunion for the campy 90s show.