Eddie Kaye Thomas Calls 911 After Being Threatened By House Guest

American Pie co-star Eddie Kaye Thomas was allegedly threatened by a knife-wielding female house guest on Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities arrived at the actor’s house shortly after he was threatened by a woman who was staying at his home. The suspect is said to have pulled a knife during a heated confrontation.

Eddie Kaye Thomas reportedly ran out of the house after the exchange to phone 911. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the suspect had barricaded herself inside the actor’s home. Fortunately for all involved, the incident was resolved without anyone getting seriously injured.

Police were eventually able to coax the woman out of the house. However, it’s unclear if the woman has been charged with any crimes as of this writing.

Details about the suspect’s identity are currently few and far between. The folks at Gossip Cop are reporting that Thomas brought the woman home after meeting her at Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles. The confrontation is said to have started after a one night stand.

The trouble began the following morning. When Eddie Kaye Thomas asked the woman to leave, she refused to depart his residence. The pair then got into a heated argument, which resulted in the suspect allegedly pulling a knife on the actor. He then called 911 to report the crime.

Eddie Kaye Thomas is probably best known for his role as Paul Finch in the American Pie series. However, the actor has also appeared in a number of other films over the years. Included in his filmography are Freddy Got Fingered and the Jenny McCarthy comedy Dirty Love.

Thomas has also appeared in a number of TV shows since his turn in American Pie. He provided the voice of Barry and a handful of other characters in the animated series American Dad.

Are you a fan of Eddie Kaye Thomas? What do you think about the actor calling 911 after being threatened with a knife by a female house guest?

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